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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by theDuDe, May 24, 2002.

  1. theDuDe

    theDuDe Guest

    Hey, I just benched the snot out of this ANUS machine, at loads of different settings. The verdict, yeah it runs at 2.4ghz, but only with a ramped up Vcore setting to 1.625v ...

    Question 1: Is this kosher? Or is running this likely to cost me a cpu in the near future? Seems like temp is stable at 40 celsius, but on the other hand I haven't been running it for all that long yet... just restarts and benching the cpu to see if it crashes or not. Maybe if I run a 24 hour burn-in/benching test... but will I wake up to a pile of goo?

    Unfortunately, I found that it won't boot with the dip switches set to 133fsb/66agp/33pci :( ...cuz if you do it that way you can't tweak the voltage. With Vcore at 1.5v the best I can do is 125fsb.

    That brings up something of interest. I was under the impression that only by selecting that jumpered setting would the divisors change such as to allow the FSB to overclock to 133fsb/66agp/33pci. But guys, I don't think that's how it works... to wit:

    First off, consider the 3:4 cpu/memory timing thing. I had thought this 3:4 setting would allow one to run 133FSB and reduce the memory speed back to 100... nope, it ramps UP memory speed. So 100FSB runs memory at 133mhz. (Benching bears this out without a doubt.) Now of course then, the higher you run FSB, the faster memory goes if you keep the 3:4 setting... and likeise agp and pci also overclock respectively. So far, no surprises.

    But check this out: The 'auto' or default setting in cpu/memory timing is 3:4 when running 100FSB and all the way up to 132. But when you hit 133, the 3:4 option miraculously dissappears and the defaut (or 'auto') becomes 1:1... the only option for all settings 133 and up. So they're thinking that when you run 133fsb, you're gonna want the memory running 'stock'. Next, look at the dip switch chart in the manual. Similar, in that when you hit 133fsb, the agp/pci change to stock (66/33). Seems like a common thread to me. Hit 133FSB and memory and pci/agp automatically go to stock freqencies. So, the bottom line: I suspect that the same "auto change" holds true across the board... whether set thru dips or in the BIOS, at 133 I'll bet all divisors change (agp/pci) along with the changing memory timing.

    Seems like its time for an Asus tech support call to sort this out once and for all. No way to measure the agp/pci bus speeds via software, as far as I know.

  2. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2002
    The turbo1 setting is supposed to help keep the agp/pci bus closer to specs as you increase the fsb, from what I've read. I've played with it, and had better benchmarks and got up to 2.4 with my 1.6a. I wonder if the Asus P4B533 has the divider settings . I'm waiting for a P4 core stepping revision from Intel :D Then I can have a 3Ghz machine ;)
  3. theDuDe

    theDuDe Guest

    Tommy P., aren't the 'turbo 1' and 'turbo 2' settings just memory timing tweaks? But, speaking of memory, that's my next question... I'm running Corsair PC2400 CL=2, so I figure I can push it pretty hard. What BIOS settings would be tweakable to increase the memory speeds at a given frequency?

    And my bigger question, still: Is running a 1.8a Northwood at 1.625 VCore okay, or dangerous?

    Hey about agp/pci divisors (frequency), is there some way to find out what the frequency is on a currently running machine? Sandra gives a lot of info, but sadly, only reports on the fsb frequency. Anybody else know of software utility that gives the answer? That would be ideal, cuz the Asus manual is pretty vague about such things.

  4. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    As you get higher up on the procesor speeds you will need to vamp the voltage up. On the 2ghz and up to OC it you need to raise that voltage core. It's fine...that's why there those settings.

    Sorry I'm not too indepth into these posts these days...life is miserable for me right now.
    I'm going through some heavy why does $*^t happen to me times....bear with me guys..I'll snap back soon enough
  5. theDuDe

    theDuDe Guest

    OK then, 1.625v it is. Hey, sorry to hear of troubles Opus... hang in there though, the bad stuff always passes eventually. Then you get to have a good laugh at how shitty things were!

    For what it's worth the last 3 or 4 weeks have been unusually difficult here as well and for others I know. What the hell? It's making me a believer in planetary alignments!

  6. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2002
    Yep, me three, lots O $*^t goin down around home too. Hang in there OPUS...
    Music is my outlet, and so is electricity. Thats why I like hanging here. As far as RO goes, there will be a lot of missing people for a while and a lack of new people due to the changes. I guess time will tell.

    I'll have to look back to see where I had read that turbo settings did something to lock AGP/PCI closer to spec'ed speeds ( besides more agressive RAM timings). One cool thing, I had never pursued agressive overclocking with my "music box". I always thought it better to keep things syncronous (CPU/RAM 1/1 ect, ect), to keep data running smoothly. However, after reading your posts, I tried setting my FSB to 132Mhz, and my divider to 3/4, turbo1; Sandra is reporting my Crucial PC2100 running at DDR 352 Mghz! (2 X 176). Memory benchmark score is 2676 and beats a P4 2Ghz with Rambus PC800!
    I ran 52 loops of stress testing without a hiccup at those settings.
    Let me know if you get similar or better results.

    Tommy P.
  7. theDuDe

    theDuDe Guest

    What version of Sandra are you running? Cuz mine (Sandra2001 free version) doesn't specify the Memory frequency anywhere that I can find. And my bench numbers on the memory test (132FSB @ 3:4) are like 1400 or so... must be a different scale?

    Hey, BTW, isn't PC2400 supposed to be DDR333?

  8. Tommy P.

    Tommy P. Well-Known Member

    Jan 10, 2002
    theDuDe , I'm using Sandra 2002 pro . See if your version of Sandra has the System Summary module enabled. Scroll down to Mainboard and Bios, you should see listings for 'front side bus speed', 'intalled memory', and 'memory bus speed'.
    Yep, Crucial PC2100 has been known to run stable past 170Mhz FSB, and mine rocks @ 176 x 2 = DDR352 with turbo1 timings(turbo2 was unstable)! Crucial makes great RAM. BTW, FSB is 4x 132= 528 quad pumped. Like OPUS said, the new 533 board may offer even higher stability when pushed, but I won't know till I get one (or someone else does....) ;) .

    Oh yea, forgot to mention I set the DDR overvoltage setting on my P4B266 to 2.7volts in order to overclock the RAM (which is within DDR specs. default is 2.3v).
  9. theDuDe

    theDuDe Guest

    I just downloaded Sandra2002 standard... I'll check to see what the memory benches later today. My Corsair PC2400 oughta be able to crank up in that ballpark as well, I'd presume.

    I just wish there was more info as to exactly how this mobo handles PCI/AGP bus speeds. Is there any way to test for this?


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