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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Pajamas, Jun 25, 2004.

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    The Octava MK012 is a favored SDC mic, especially for acoustic guitar and drum overheads. It also is a multi-capsule mic. The capsule (and pad) screws on/off the body to change it from cardoid to omni, hypercardoid, etc. It even has an expensive, boutique capsule available to convert it into a LDC vocal mic. It's generally considered a good investment and, maybe, THE bargain in SDC mics. I know these are currently very hard to get in the U.S. at a decent price, so I'm posting this info for the interested.

    I know they were once as low as $50 each, but I just picked up two more new Octava MK012 mics at a local Guitar Center for $100 each. They're not advertising them and they don't have them out on display. I just happened to ask: "Will you ever have the Octava franchise again?" The saleperson said that they received a "mysterious shipment" of five a few days ago.

    They have three left. Plastic "alligator mouth" case, cardoid capsule, -10dB pad, mic, clip, and Russian manual with hand-serialized frequency response curve.


    Philip Rowland (live sound)
    Guitar Center,
    Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

    They do take phone orders and ship. From another recent posting, other local Guitar Centers may have also received similar shipments of MK012 and MK319 mics. Call and ask.

    Good luck,

    P.S.: I already have a pair of these. Why did I buy two more? About eight weeks ago I lent out my other pair of 12's to a friend and ever since then it's been: ". . .how about another week . . .I'm dying to try them on . . .Come on, sell 'em to me . . .**** is not home right right now---at the sound of the beep, please leave a message . . ."

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    I'd go to his place and grab my mics if I were you...
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    If you think your 012 mics sound good, look in a back issue of Recording magazine that has an article how to hot-rod the 012 ! (Thats not the article name, but thats what it's about) You would not believe how much improvement this makes. I'll try to find the year/month and post
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    Please, if you do track it down, let us know!

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    I've been very busy with marathon sessions and haven't had time to look. perhaps you can contact Recording magazine. The article was about a year to a year and a half ago. It was around the time GC was selling them two for $100.00. I bought them then the article came out.
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    MK012 mods


    Thanks---will do.

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    This guy has the article posted under the help page of his website.


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