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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Jazzpunk1020, Jan 3, 2008.

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    I recently, with notice of the presonus firepod being phased out and replaced with the same thing 100 dollars more, invested in one. I am starting to put recording equipment together but have come across some hopefully fixable (if thats a word) problems.


    Presonus firepod
    Firewire Pcmcia card to laptop
    Toshiba Satellite(its a few years old now)
    -1.7ghz processor
    -2gb ram
    -Celeron M processor

    I know my computer is old but I am having problems with syncing or processing. What is does is when I direct in a guitar (use is for figuring out how to fix this problem) The track plays at a constant speed, but the guitar does not record at the speed equal to it.

    I know I am very bad at wording things so i will try to diagram

    Lets say I am playing through this entire take, this is what shows up

    the lines are when i am playing but nothing shows up
    The o's are information inputing slowly but turns out to be weird screeching

    Im not sure what is going on, please if anything is unclear ask me to clarify I have been wandering this site for a while, and just finally saved up enough money to be able to invest in my own recording equipment, it would be a shame is I had to wait another few months before i could use it (due to my computer sucking or something)
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    Jazzpunk1020 Guest

    I am very sorry i did not mean to post this so many times
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    View attachment 10842


    This is what shows when i record, in this i am playing the entire track but only a small portion is showing up

    View attachment 10843

    When i stop the recording it cuts the extra amount off, and i get a scrambled mix of what the recording is supose to sound like

    Again I am sorry for posting three times if at all possible if one of the people in control would delete 2 out of 3 of the post I would feel like less of an idiot.

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    Are you recording to the system drive?

    What are all those icons in your system tray?
    You'll be better off shutting down non-essential services and programs running in the background while you record.

    BTW, Jerry just made an excellent post on that very topic:

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