Ok, here's some basic digital rec, newbie questions.

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    I've been playing in bands for many years. I'm a guitar player. I have an M-Box 2 which came with Pro Tools 7.4 and a copy of BFD Lite. I have a MIDI interface via a Creative Labs Extigy. I also have a Yamaha DD-50 hooked up to the Extigy and it works in Pro Tools with BFD. I've never done any sort of digital recording, or anything where I need to come up with the drums myself. I have a bunch of songs that have never been recorded and I'd like to try to do the whole thing myself. Here're my questions;
    How would you start? Would you record the guitar part first and fit drums to it? Would you seek out pre recorded loops that fit what you have in mind for the drums and then play to it? Would you use the Yamaha to try to play what you have in mind? Would you use BFD to construct a drum part drum by drum, beat by beat?
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    I'd have guitar scratch tracks layed down to a click or a drum loop, something to keep the guitarist in line. Then I'd play drums (I'm a drummer so yeah, construction beat by beat, drum by drum) to the scratch tracks and possibly a click (depends on if I can nail it with the guitars or not) if I can then that'l do. If not then re-cut the guitars to the drums so everything sounds solid.
    I'm making things up btw because I hate making music like that. Give me a band and record it live anytime. The feel and groove is just natural and deep. :p

    However. That's doesn't really answer your question.
    The answer depends on how well you work on things, using BFD will give you a drum track that should be in perfect time, it's a calculator... Cut that then use it as the click to cut the guitars. This way forces you to play tight.
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    Thanks a lot Gimmie Gear. I'll take a crack at it! I'd rather have a band too, but I don't have one, so I need to try something else for now. I'm sure I'll learn from the experience!
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    "Gimmie Gear"?
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    Sorry Greener! I saw Gimmie Gear on the page and thought it was your login name. I didn't notice that it was a book recommendation. Thanks again for your advice though!
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    If I am composing while recording I start with the parts I have down played to a click. Usually that is guitar and vocals to sketch out the song. These normally end up being just a scratch. Then I build the foundation: drums and bass, then the rhythm: guitars mostly, then the vocals and solos.

    If I have the song down because I play it often or I'm doing a cover that I have heard quite a bit, then I start with the foundation and build from there.

    Everyone seems to work differently, so make sure to experiment and find out what works for you.

    DD50 connected to BFD cool. :D

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