Oktava mk012's and the capsules....

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by ckerian, Sep 22, 2003.

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  1. ckerian

    ckerian Guest

    GC has a deal on (2) oktava mk012's for 99.00.

    are these any different than the mc012's? (I always thought they were mC012's as opposed to mK012's)

    here's the stupid noob question....

    I think I am going to get a pair but am debating on whether I need the capsoles as they are more expensive than the mic's themselves.

    what kind of capsules are you guys using and on what instruments? I will probably replace my AT's with em. the AT's are getting to be too much of a pain to setup everytime. I need some heavier duty mic stands for em.

    anyways.... will the additional capsules (omni, etc..) be useful for OH's?
  2. tmix

    tmix Guest

    For all intents and purposes the mcs and mks are the same thing. There are many rumors as to why the different lettering but they are the same body.
    As to capsules,..
    If the room you are recording in is not very good sounding, the Cardiod capsule (that normally come with it) is probably your best bet. You would not want to use the omnis where they pick up the surrounding ambience if it is not good ambience.

    I use mine for acoustic guitar and percussion, as well as overheads for my drum kit. They are excellent in each department.

  3. ckerian

    ckerian Guest

    Thanks Tom. I fugured the cardoid was good enough. The GC guy really recommended I get the capsule package saying the omni's were killer for OH's.

    but your right.... it all depends on the room, I imagine. my room has 8 foot celings so i'll skip the package.


    and if anyone wants to speculate why they switched from the mc model to the mk model please let me know. i would hate to buy these things to find out they dont perform as well as the mC's.
  4. akaromeo1

    akaromeo1 Guest

    The package with the extra capsules were from a different lot.

    The MC and MK are interchangeable model numbers.
    It's a cyrillic alphabet thing.

    Recording magazine has an excellent DIY mod for these on page 50 of the September issue.

    - r
  5. ckerian

    ckerian Guest

    got em. havent recorded any drums with em yet though. I'll try em on acoustic guitar this weekend.

    thanks for the info.

    the friggin manual is in russian. not that it needs a manual it's just funny seeing a manual ONLY in rusky.
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