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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Bobby Yarrow, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. Bobby Yarrow

    Bobby Yarrow Guest

    So, thru happy circumstance, I just came into a pair of old Langevin AM-4 channels, pulled off a board long ago. What I've got is just the pres, mounted up with nothing but a power switch and a switchable (20db?) pad. They apparently hadn't even been turned on in 10 years -- power cord gone, had to make one of the 4-prong xlr things to even power it up. Here's the shocker: not only did the pres fire up, they sound, well, real good. Really quiet, strong, absolutely no apparent problems.

    Beyond general gear-lust chitchat, I really don't know the first thing about vintage electronics. I sort of have the idea that there's a meaningful shelf life for a lot of the components, and that at some point this stuff just shouldn't work. I also don't know much about the AM-4's, except that they're, um, well-regarded and Manley has the rights to the name.

    What should I know? Any info about the Langevins or old electronics generally would be real welcome.
  2. Mark Burnley

    Mark Burnley Guest

    Hi Bobby,

    That sounds like a nice find. :) Is it one of these channel strips......

    Langevin AM4

    I think the people over in Tech Talk will be able to help you if you need more in-depth information like schems or mods or anything like that.


    "Oscillators don't, amplifiers do....."
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