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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by paulears, May 12, 2016.

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    Well worth a look on how they recorded Solti in the 60s - pretty impressive.
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    "They aim to record up to 15 minutes in a day, in one continuous take..."

    Obviously limited to the length of tape for the continuous take no doubt.

    Four and a half hours broken down into 25 sessions...wow...pretty momentous task for the times I'd imagine.

    Interesting to hear them discussing editing instructions in the control room regarding cutting.

    Love the technique of manual automation on the faders...shows how much things have progressed in 50 years and how easily we can do some of these tasks at the click of the mouse in a DAW these days...but some things like riding the faders never change.

    During the tape editing scene at 8:35 sec it was interesting to see the Rauchen Verboten sign behind them...considering the amount of people who smoked back then compared to now and how smoking was more acceptable in the workplace then this must have been an exception...then at 9:36 sec someone lights up a smoke...lol.

    Weeks of manual editing...holy crap !

    Fascinating to watch, I really enjoyed watching this...thanks for posting Paul. (y)

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