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Discussion in 'Mixing' started by nrpelectric, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. nrpelectric

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    I have a Harrison 2824 Analog Recording Console, it is of the hand built series I bellive the serial number is "70". The preamps on each channel strip are beyond comparison, IMHO better than anything the honorable Rupert Neve has produced. Refurbishing the power supply has been a ehh ... enjoyable ... task so far, and before I reach completion I must replace a resistor for the power transformer. The original one was charred beyond recognition and I cannot for the life of me find schematics or any technical paperwork for that matter on this board. Even Tech support at GLW won't get back to me. Perhaps I imagine this community may be able to enlighten me.

  2. Kurt Foster

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    Try Michael Gore in San Francisco at Bay Area Studio Electronics (BASE). He knows the Harrison's and MCI's very well.

    I think the addy is base@pacbell.com, but I may be wrong.
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    Don't know how much Harrison stuff he does, but Randy Blevins might be helpful.
  4. Chance

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    Depending which board you have, The Harrison was up with the best. I can't remember now which one I had ( old timers desease ), but back in the time, when the Harrison PS went out it usually took out a lot of other components too. I believe on the PS, you have +18v, -18v, 48v, +15v, and -15v. Sometimes when a cap would blow, and you hope it's not the phantom pwr, but if it is, that means you have 48v going to the 15v or the 18v rail. What I eventually did was to have a PS made from parts from a military surplus. The military tolerences and specs far exceede the original, and will no doubt outlast the board. I keep in touch from time to time with the owner of that board and in 25 years, the pwr supply is still running with no problems. I went and had a PS made for my Neve about 6 years ago, and it is rock solid. The person who builds these is in Pomona Ca. and charges around $500.00
  5. nrpelectric

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    hey thanks guys. as a note the power supply does operate without the resistor, the voltages come out at +/-18 +/-15 +48 and -24 all holding steady plus or minus no more than a volt. but i dare not plug it into the console until i know for sure its put together exactly the way it was first built, know what i mean. but i emailed randy and michael (base10@pacbell.net) we'll see what they say. appreciated!
  6. Chance

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    I see you have 24v too. Do you have mute automation?
  7. Chance

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    If this might help you, I have stored away the schematic of my old Harrison PS before I had the new custom built PS. I know that it didn't have a 24v rail
  8. Chance

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    I believe that the 24v is for mute automation. My E-mail is down, so if you could post if you recieved the FAX of the schematic of the PS.

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