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  1. When I was younger (back before I was even a recording noob) I bought 2 Tascam 8 Channel Boards TEAC style from a church. I played with them for a day or 2 then off to ebay they went. I think they had a decent sound but I can't say for certain. Anyone have an opinion of their preamps? Compared to Firepod pre's or entry to mid level external pre's? How about any other older boards?

  2. frob

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    Apr 23, 2004
    i have a tascam m35 8x4x2 they sound good mut there is no phantom power. other then that there are just as good if not better then any other small board.
  3. moonbaby

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    Feb 23, 2005
    I have owned and/or used several "older" models of Tascam boards over the years. There was a time when that was THE
    only board you could get for a "home studio". My first "semi-pro
    project studio" had a Model 10 monstrosity ( it used fishing line to
    operate the rotary faders via a slider!) and an Model 35 as a sidecar mixer. These were revolutionary mixers back then, but technology moves forward, and compared to most mixers on the market today,
    they don't really measure up. Input gain/noise specs, output headroom, not to mention features like aux sends and EQ, are much more advanced today. When we finally replaced the 10 with a Ramsa WRX, the audible difference was dramatically improved:
    cleaner, quieter, better transient response, extended lows and highs...
    Then again, the Ramsa didn't hold a candle to my next board, a Neve Melbourne ( relax, it's a broadcast production desk), and now it's technology is 30 years old! Bottom line is that the Tascams were designed as a cost-effective mixer many years ago, and they really don't get better with age!
  4. cool

    Thats what I needed to know. Just was hoping there would be another sought after board like the pm1000 out there that was still a secret! Hey I'm poor!

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