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    Nov 21, 2005
    Anyone have a PDF service manual for my old Porta One? I use it for my "couchside idea" recorder, with my old Harmony (with Dean Markley PU) plugged into it. "Hmmm...that's an interesting chord progression...hit power switch, hit 'record'."

    Then, I'll monitor that track, and try to work out and record a lead part....before I go through the trouble of setting up all that computer stuff.

    The thing seems like maybe the motor is either getting weak, or not getting enough juice. It'll go FF or Rew, but when I hit Play or Rec, the heads go in, and it stops. The main belt seems OK, and I've even torn the transport completely apart and cleaned and lubed the gears, etc. When it sticks, I can turn the big idler, and it'll finish going through its mechanical function to start playing. it's almost like it just doesn't have enough 'oomph' left to get it past it's gear change.

    Wondering if a service manual would have voltage check points/adjustments for the transport? I suppose the motor could just be getting weak. I even tried setting the pitch control to full fast to see if a faster speed would spin the mechanism all the way around, but maybe it just doesn't have enough torque?

    I'd hate to trash it, it's so handy and I have a couple dozen brand new Maxell tapes left. Otherwise, it still sounds fine, for my purposes. If I was employed, I'd just say heck with and buy a new $200 digital sketchpad.

    Anyway, sure would be handy to fix, and I'd be grateful to anyone who has a service manual to send. I have a bunch of snippets on a bunch of tapes that I refer to, and can create a bunch more as I continue to learn more to improve my creativity and get me out my old rut during these idle times.


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