old topic, but oh well.... what mic to buy?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Chappy, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. Chappy

    Chappy Guest

    I'm sure everyone's tired of this topic, but none of my searches have led me to a decision.

    I'm about to undergo my first major recording project. I will be producing and tracking it all, and it's getting mixed in Nashville. I've been getting pretty good sounds out of my studio, but I feel the need to up the quality of my LD mics. I've been using Rode NT-1's for OH's, room mics, and vox for a while now. They don't sound bad, but I know I need to upgrade to something a little nicer. All that I've read on this forum has led me to either an AT4033 or a SP-C3. I will kill for a pair of 414's, but I don't have the budget for that right now.

    I just need a pair of killer LD mics that'll sound great on OH's and male vocals. Please, any recommendations are helpful. Thanks!
  2. Cash

    Cash Guest

    hi chappy,

    whats your price range and whats your voice sound like?
  3. Chappy

    Chappy Guest

    Cash, I would like to keep it under $1000 for the pair. I can usually get most mics for around 10% above cost. So that helps me a little.

    I typically record heavier Emo type bands. The band that I'm about to record is pretty melodic with a fair amount of screaming. I've read that Terry Date uses 58's for about 80% of his vocals, especially for all the screaming. I've done that in the past with pretty good results, until I did the demos for the band I'm about to record. Then I let him scream and sing into the NT-1, and it sounding great. So I guess that's another issue is that I need it to take the SPL's

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