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Discussion in 'Vocals' started by Zefir, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. Zefir

    Zefir Guest

    Hi, I am using a Delta 66 SC and the omni I/O. I record RAP vocals. I record using the build in pres and an AKG C1000s mic. I KNOW that this setup sucks that is why I want to ask for your opinion on what to get. ( I also have a Shure sm57, wchich I also used and sucked with the build in pres)

    I want to get a pre amp and a new mic. I give you two price ranges. First 1000$-1500$ for both pre and mic. Second ANY price range. Just give me your opinions. I am looking for that TIGHT sound.

    Maybe different suggestions on HOW to record, maybe some tricks on EQing the vox a specific way.

    Thaks for any help.

  2. heyman

    heyman Guest

    I would look into a grace 101 preamp. Very Clean and transparent.. Also Check out the Avalon Stuff as well.

    This is a top of the line pre- I believe they are about 1000.00

    It will make a sm57 Sing. I dont know the AKg c1000 mic, but you will notice a huge diff with the same mic's running thru that new pre. So the answer is get a new preamp... Cause u need one anyway. See how the mics are through it. Then you may not need to A) get a new mic and B) or have to use additional EQ.

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