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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by that_session_guy, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Does anyone know of an online service that offers music parts to be recorded by proffessional musicians and sent back to you via email? I just cant find the right instrumentalists for some of my arrangements.......any idea's?
  2. Oats

    Oats Guest

    wow that would be a cool idea! do u mean like send an instrumentalist a song and he/she puts a part down and sends it back and you pay them for it? that would solve scheduling/ locattion issues and make for very professional and professionally played parts...let me know if you find out anything...
  3. Oats: Thats exactly what i'm after. Lets say i have a song that needs a a soulful guitar solo, or an upbeat piano chord progression, or even a howling saxaphone line.... Wouldnt it be great if all I had to do is send a printed copy of the music/chord progression etc, and be gauranteed a proffessional mp3 recording of the desired instrument sent back to me via email?

    Anyway, i'll let you know if i find anything.
  4. geckormf

    geckormf Guest

    There are already a couple of guys, specifically drummers that I've read about. Check out the back pages of Modern Drummer and other industry related mags. I know of a bassist, drummer and BV'ist(?) here in SA who do this already.
  5. GuitarTim

    GuitarTim Guest

    You might ask this question in, for instance, the "Music Lounge" forum on ( - there are many musicians there who may be willing to work like that. Many may even jump at the chance. As a suggestion, you may want to ask for a .wav file instead of an .mp3, since you'll get better sound that way (.mp3 is a compressed file, with attendant loss of sound quality).
  6. adf

    adf Guest

    I'd suggest joining a collaboration website - there are plenty of excellent musicians who will help you out, usually just for the love of creating music.

  7. Just1Ghost

    Just1Ghost Guest

    Online Collaborations...

    Hey guys-n-gals, here's an excerpt of Tony Brooke from It tells a story about exactly what you guys are looking for!!! I wish they were still around, but I can tell you of something similar if you'd prefer... Here's the excerpt: (All of the "I"'s and "my"s have been changed to "He"'s and "his"'s...)

    Tony Brooke recently discovered a long letter which he wrote in early 1992, but never sent. He had lived in San Francisco less than a year and was still figuring out what he wanted to do in life. He had begun to change his mind about his career choice of radio, but had not yet begun working in recording studios.

    While driving down the freeway at 70mph, he had a brainstorm which he had to pull over to describe.

    He called it JamNet, and it was a remarkably forward-thinking Internet and music-related invention. Unfortunately, he never followed up on the idea. It did not become reality until 2001 (nine years later), but he had no part; A company called Rocket Network brought it to life. (Then in April 2003, they were bought out and shut down.)

    In February 1992 there was no World Wide Web yet, just the non-graphical, disconnected, fledgling beginnings of the Internet. Tony had only seen behind-the-times college networks, and private Bulletin Board Systems such as BMUG. He had yet to begin recording audio professionally, and had not even bought his first modem. (One of the last lines in the letter read, "Man, I can't wait to get a modem." Ha!)

    Finding this letter was a reminder of a time when he had grand ideas despite having no way to achieve them. He was filled with ambition but had no direction.

    What can we all do (collectively) to bring back such a great idea?

  8. wakeupbomb

    wakeupbomb Guest

    I remember something from a few years ago that I checked out. It cost money so I never did it, and for the life of me I can't think of what it's called. DAMMIT!!! This is exactly what it was though. You'd post something, or get together (online of course) with other musician's or producers who were signed up for this site and you woudl send songs back and forth, and send each other your respective parts. It had a weird name that began with an "F" I believe. Sorry I can't be of more help, I just know that there is....or was....something exactly like this out there so keep looking and you'll probably find it.
  9. Love yer werk people! Still, it amazes me that by now there STILL is not an organisation online that offers accredited session players for arrangers/composers struggling to get their parts recorded proffessionaly. As pointed out by Oats, there are many factors to take into consideration when trying to find and record the right session musician. Firstly the player has to,

    a. Cut the part, both as a seasoned sight reader and with the desired
    chops to match.

    b. Be professional enough to rock up for the recording gig at the right place at the right time. I mean lets face it, most musicians are not renowned for their punctuality, either or organisational skills!

    c. Know what he is worth. If i'm talking to a someone who says "Hey dude, how about i record your part for free?" The first thing i'm going to think is that this guy is NOT up to standard. You will find that most people when they want something done, are prepared to hand over the cash if they know that what they are going to have at the end is a professional job.

    Anyway, the search continues. If i dont succeed in finding a service that can offer what i'm after then i suppose i'll just have to play and record the parts myself......yeah right!
  10. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    It seems to me that this is a huge hole in the business just begging for someone to fill it. It's difficult to figure why someone hasn't done this yet .. maybe because internet geeks are notorious for not wanting to pay for anything
  11. Sanity Inn

    Sanity Inn Guest

    Try looking up Res Rocket, i know they do ( did ) synth and midi based stuff you described, and where supposed to go mp3 and wave, havent checked it out lately

    but i think it may help or point you somewhere that might

  12. vhollund

    vhollund Guest

    I had the idea a long time ago too.
    But some young yuppies i was working with threw me off made it stupidly and it never became usable.
  13. bmcadams

    bmcadams Guest

    I am making a run at doing exactly this for keyboards.

    I am a pro keyboardist in NY w/ a solid home studio.

    go to

    Click on "Web Sessions" and follow the link. Tell me you saw the site here and I'll cut you a 20% discount on the first session- to help me see if the process is feasible.

  14. vhollund

    vhollund Guest

    I have an idéa how tomake it happenwithout any expenses except the workoff the people that might be involved.
    The problem is offen that it takes a big server where you can upload and download the files.
    Well my idéa was that all the members must download a ftp server program to their computer and then the main webpage will funktion mainly as a place of linking between members(computers) ,forum for meeting , pms and all that.
    So all the upload and downloads will be directly from computer to computer , person to person.

    I have given it alot of thought how it can be made in a simpel and usefull way when I was working with the yuppies , so if there are people who has time and ability to do the work I will gladly give them the siteplans.
  15. silentway

    silentway Guest

    Hi All-

    Just1Ghost is right on the money... I'm the daydreamer he quoted. Check it out:

    I posted that to give people the impetus to follow up on their daydream million-dollar ideas...

    How many times have YOU missed the boat? If only you had followed up on your genius invention...

    SO someone should roll with the idea! Maybe I'll end up it's oldest fan...

    A close modern approximation is by Digidesign:
  16. I've been thinking about this for a while now and have done some research on it. Most collaboration systems now depend on multicast networks and high speed networking between sites. A German company is releasing a VST plugin that will let you collaborate directly in your DAW (assuming it has Internet access and supports VST). Problem with their approach is their using video as well as audio and it will likely limit the number of concurrent tracks available.

    Something I've been thinking about (and playing wiht in moderation :) is using lo-fi audio to allow people to collaborate live, and then have a component on each person's site to collect the hi-fi audio for post-take streaming back to the "producer" site for insertion into a DAW of your choice. the local client bit would use a timing (something maybe like SMPTE...) to ensure you can line them up.

    Finding a commercially available, multi-user "conferencing" tools that can support unicast (like most of the Internet) is hard. Most products don't support "full duplex" audio or some other limitation... I think my first version of this will probably be .NET based clients and some conferencing API...

    anyways... i'm rambling... thing is, this is definitely a market whose time has come but like anything web based, it will likely not be a huge money maker but more of an enabling technology for the masses...
  17. I have actually done this a few times. I can supply all guitar tracks for any type of music, and the same with bass. I supply multiple takes with variations, so you can choose, or even edit the wav to your liking. I charge very little because I actually love doing this, and would like to build a good reputation. Drop me a PM if you have any questions
  18. britbrian

    britbrian Guest

    You can use '' for the server facility .. and as long as the originating composer sets a click track with the first track(s), anyone else should be able to play along and build their part. Then they send their track to the original composer for mixing.
    In this way, the original composer can obtain individual tracks from any number of people.
  19. britbrian

    britbrian Guest

    Actually, I think a site called is also doing some kind of collaboration service.
  20. OlympicPhil

    OlympicPhil Guest

    If anyone needs any session guitar for their music, I specialise in funk, rock, metal, blues, and am one of the dying breed of guitarists that can still play solos.

    £100 (GBP) per song if you supply the score for the guitar part
    (signed / unsigned)

    £200 (GBP) per song plus co-songwriting credit if I write the guitar part to fit your music (unsigned)

    £200 (GBP) per song plus 1% plus co-songwriting credit if I write the guitar part to fit your song (signed)

    Performance credit obligatory.

    I can provide demos, just email me:

    I own / have access to many guitars including 3 Fender Stratocasters (an original '59, a 60's re-issue and a Rory Gallagher signature)and 2 Ibanez's (an RG550 and a customized RT-series).

    Recording using MOTU 828, Vox TonelabSE, Logic.

    Professionals: can hire a studio at Olympic Studios for reasonable rate (email to ask), including Protools HD3 Rig, SSL desk (G, G+, K), any guitar, any fx, any amp, in-house engineer.

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