Only one speaker working after installing sound card

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by nimrodm, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. nimrodm

    nimrodm Guest

    I installed the M-audio firewire solo(The last topic, ive managed to configure it).
    but the only problem is that i connect the output to my speakers and only one speaker works!
    ive tried everything i can, but i have no clue...
    what can it be?
  2. bowman

    bowman Guest

    Maybe this seems stupid to you but I would start with the obvious and check the cables (all of them). Try your speakers on another machine that you know works. With that out of the way try reinstalling your sound card. It could be driver, driver settings or even OS problem. Try downloading newest drivers from company homepage.

    Hope something helps.
  3. nimrodm

    nimrodm Guest

    i tried reinstalling the drivers(including update), and i changed cables too.
    both of the speakers are supposed to work great, there is something stucked in the way...
  4. TeddyG

    TeddyG Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2005
    This is an "impossible" question to answer - sorry.

    You hook it up, you plug it in, it works. If not? Something's broken or you did something wrong. If something is broken... what? If you did something wrong... what? We(Or at least I) just can't tell from here - problem is it's just too simple - seriously. You say you've followed the instructions and all the parts are good -- It has to work, ya'know?

    If you can't figure it out using the instructions you'll have to try somewhere else. M-Audio tech support? Though, other than quote the instruction manual to you, I don't know what they could do?

    What's wrong may be so simple as to be embarassing(Mono cable sted stereo - OOPS!), but we've all had such problems(Alot!)... Maybe just another set of eyes..? If you have a computer savvy friend, invite them over to go through it with you. I couldn't live without computer expert friends. Other than that, I'd suggest taking it to a computer shop.

  5. nimrodm

    nimrodm Guest

    It could be that it's something simple.
    let me tell you exactly how it works...

    I connected a cable to the balanced output(1) to my amp.
    is there something not complete about that?
    Maybe something i didnt understand right from the instructions?
    What i am suspecting is that only one channel is going out from the output(right or left), but i have no idea how to check it.

    i tried to play with the cables and stuff but allways one speaker works...
  6. nimrodm

    nimrodm Guest

    Something strange...
    After playing with evrerything there is about, i found that sound came out only from the left channel, that why i connected a RCA Cable from the soundcard to my amp only to the left input, and from the amp to the speakers i connected both speakers to the left output, now both speakers work but its only the left channel?
    Is this ok? or am i missing by that all the right channel?
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