Opinions? DM24 w/FW card or Soundcraft Delta 200?

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by anonymous, May 16, 2004.

  1. anonymous

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    Feb 10, 2001

    Another dilemna! I need a mixer now that I decided to put my studio back together again.

    Of the digital consoles in my budget I found the DM24 with Firewire card to be the best deal. The Yamaha 01v96 seems to have better preamps and a better interface but has no dynamic automation (without a sequencer) and the faders are not touch sensitive. But th main thing that draws me to the DM24 is the Firewire card.

    This is the way I believe all of the Digital Consoles in the low to mid price range will go. No need for redundant AD/DA unless you want it.

    My other choice is to get a decent analog console. Ergonomic wise you can't go wrong here! But I still need the converters which would probably be MOTU 828 (MK2?).

    I found a Soundcraft Delta 200 that although esthetically in bad shape (as well as some electronics) and one chanel down and also one output LED meter broken is in supposedly good electronic shape and sounds as good as it should. Because of all this I can get it for about $700 transport included. I will have to inspect prior to approval in case it doesn't live up to its reputation. The Deltas usually sell for a few times that price (albeit in good physical & electrical shape).

    Has anyone here had any experience with the Delta mixers? The preamps are supposed to be in the class of Ghost mixer ones which many think are great for the price level.

    Any opinions are welcome as right now I know not where to go next.

    I will get a chance to hear the DM24 with Firewire interface as soon as my dealer gets the card (that may take a while). Until then I am discussing with as many people as possible. It was a lot simpler when it was only analog. Maybe I should just buy Daniel Lanois's NEVE for 250,000!

  2. Gerk

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    just my $0.02, but cheap soundcraft boards are trouble, especially if they have been abused in the past... they use some pretty cheapo components in the lower lines these days, and have never had good QA, _ever_ coming from the factory. For more info see my post in the DM24 thread you also posted info to ...
  3. anonymous

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    Feb 10, 2001
    Gerk, I haven't had trouble with Soundcraft but then I don't use them as much as a commercial studio or live sound company.

    In any case I found a TAC Magnum for the same price with meter bridge and patchbay in a console. esthetically and electronically the Magnum seems to be orders of magnitude above a Ghost (from what I've heard).

    The DM24 will have to evolve a bit more before I can consider it again. In a year or 2?


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