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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Labs, Feb 15, 2004.

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  1. Labs

    Labs Guest

    Im looking to replace my rode NT5 with something else, and Ive been adviced to look into the AT4040s.
    I did a search here and the only negative comment was a thread about noise in them which seemed to stem from a wrong phantom voltage (24 not 48 or something) Just want the most recent comments on the mic. It ONLY needs to be good for OH, anything else will be condisered a bonus. I can get a pair in the UK for around 420$

  2. bgavin

    bgavin Guest

    I own one, and it is a permanent part of my locker. It is very quiet, sensitive, and has a 2-micron element. It does not have the high frequency response of the TLM-103, etc, but that is not why I bought it.

    I'd rate it as a bright/neutral type mic.

    The price you are paying is very good, a few dollars less than the new price every day from eBay sellers.
  3. chessparov

    chessparov Active Member

    Dec 16, 2001
    Orange County, CA
    Also seriously consider the Studio Projects B1.

    There has been quite of bit of discussion on it over at http://www.studioforums.com (very positive)
    Use the search function there to check it out.

    Studio Projects also has their own forum here BTW.

  4. lorenzo gerace

    lorenzo gerace Active Member

    Jan 27, 2002

    I got a pair last month and so far I only had the chance to test them on some small recordings I'm doing for the soundtrack of a DV feature I'm working on; they seem to be bright and clear (on acoustic guitar), but one word of caution: they are very different from the NT5, I have a pair of those too, being SD condensers, while the 4040 is a mid/large dia condenser, so they aren't really comparable IMO; I plan to get more in depth with the 4040 around the half of the next month when I'll have some bigger recording sessions with acoustic instruments, but I do know (from other users) they are killer as OH and piano mics, try them out, better, for that price I'll get them right away.

    Hope this helps

  5. henryrobinett

    henryrobinett Active Member

    Jan 30, 2002
    Just out of curiosity, how do they compare to the AT4050? I have a pair of those I'm very fond of.

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