Opinions on Bi-amp mixing boards?


I have been offered a good deal on one and was wondering what you guys think of them?

Kurt Foster

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Jul 2, 2002
Really old, no inserts, limited aux and eq abilities.. they were pretty good PA boards for their time (80's). It has a pretty good slew rate and it may be discreet, not IC based, I'm not sure about that. I used to use on as front end for a four track rig years ago, I got some good stuff out of it.. I think it is a Greg Mackie design, between Tapco and Mackie on the timeline ... (I could be wrong about that too). You should be able to get it for next to nothing ...


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Dec 10, 2001
It simply depends on the model.There were several Bi-amp boards that were all discreet,inserts,excellent preamps,in-line monitoring....and then there were the many that were your run-of-the-mill P.A. boards.