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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by regisfunk, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. regisfunk

    regisfunk Active Member

    Oct 28, 2001
    Hi dudes,

    Just wanting a little feedback on this unit. I am in the market for a pair of something large di. that will work well on different apps, including pop/rock vox. I have a couple of decent tube mics, but I am curious about the 195 FET (with fat switch). Does it sound as cool as it looks? (ha) I'm after a decent rock vocal mic with some balls (not transparent) and a silky smooth top end, but also something that would work well in a stereo micing application (like room mics).


  2. I have limited experience with my U195 -too new :D !!!
    Anyway, from what I know, you seem to have narrowed it down quite well. The U195 should excell in those apps admirably :tu:

    T. Alan
  3. Bill Plummer

    Bill Plummer Guest

    I have a pair of U195s and have used them in many different applictions. All around execellent mics. Might be a bit harsh on some female vox but a versatile, quality product.
  4. McAllister

    McAllister Active Member

    Jun 14, 2001
    How timely - a coupla nights ago I was doing a mic comparison for an upcoming TapeOp review; one of the mics used for comparison (but not the focus of the review) was the 195.

    It dwarfed the competition in every thing we tested; male voice (spoken word and singing [baritone]) and acoustic guitar. Very nice sounding mic. Balanced; lots of clarity; good tight lows that weren't fluttery or boomy.

    Please take into consideration: 1) that the other mics were cheapish Chinese things - we presumed the SD would stand up and our suspicions were confirmed blind; 2) all tests were 'soloed' so I cannot tell you how it blended with other things; 3) no EQ, no compression (although a limiter was employed just to make sure we didn't inadvertently overload anything - we didn't).

    That day we were checking out a few tube mics and the 195 topped all of those, too (except the Neumann 147).

    Your Milage May Vary.

    hope this helped
  5. I have had almost the same experience that McAllister has had when comparing mics with the U195. Except that I think the U195 kills the Neumann 147. The 147 sounds very harsh to my ears. I think the U195 is one of the best mics you could buy for an all purpose studio mic.
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