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  1. Sidney

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    I was kinda hoping that you'd have something to say about the difference in the Converter quality between Aardvark and Apogee.

    If I ran a Mini-Me through my Aardvark Direct Pro sPDIF, would it's Converters & Pres, sound in a higher league than say a Great River through my Aardvark?

    Have you ever heard that the Q10 has a overall better sound than the Direct Pro? I thought they were basically the same.

  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    I couldn't say whether the difference between one Aardvark audio card is different from another.

    Using the Mini-Me into the SPDIF input of the Aardvark will indeed make it sound great due to the Mini-Me reclocking the Aardvark. One of the great features of any Apogee product is the low jitter clock.

    We haven't tested any of the Aardvark audio boxes but we have tested the Aardvark clock boxes and found them to be alright on the jitter level.

    Against the new Big Ben clock box the Aardvark's didn't stand a chance....sorry Aardvark! :w: Tests are very accurate as well.

    I couldn't say whether or not the Great River will sound better as I myself have not compared that or listened to one in a very long time.


  3. Sidney

    Sidney Guest

    Thanks Opus!
    BTW- When I mentioned Great River, I was meaning just a Higher quality Pre in general.

    Take Care,

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