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Discussion in 'Orchestra' started by rockdude, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. rockdude

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    Nov 29, 2008
    Im new to this music library thing and just a couple days ago I started researching this stuff and came across this program http://www.emu.com/products/product.asp?product=14274
    it seem really great and just what im looking for you can record your notes thru your midi keyboard function and the program has your different instruments applied to it in short. So my question is, are where anymore of these programs out there? I definetely want the program to be able to record my keyboard midi strokes for recording. This is the only one I really know of. Also can anyone comment of this modern symphonic orchestra mabye what all you know about it? since i dont know much about it I didnt know if a expert could help me out.
  2. fmw

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    This is a collection of samples. Samples are recorded samples of live instruments. They allow you to assign the sound of the sample to your midi input. You can play a Bb with your keyboard and then decide what sound you want the Bb to represent - a french horn, a pipe organ, an electric guitar - whatever on the recording. This software is a collection of those sounds.

    The software used to assemble and record midi input is usually referred to as a sequencer or DAW or just plain old recording software. You will need that in order to make use of these samples.
  3. rockdude

    rockdude Active Member

    Nov 29, 2008
    hehe I have learned alot now doing research since I post this thread originally. So what sequencer should I get is there any free ones out there that can use the symphonic orchestra samples? Today i downloaded proteus vx would it work in that? The problem is i cant figure out how to get multiple presets to play at the same time on their different channels in proteus vx dont know if anyone can help me out on that too?
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