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OT - 'Hi Fi Pre-Amp'

Discussion in 'Preamps / Channel Strips' started by kinetic, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. kinetic

    kinetic Guest

    Sorry for this off topic post, but does Sebatron plan to build a valve pre amp for general (hi fi) use (with RIAA)? Nothing on the site suggests they make such a beast, but it would be nice to match my two Grant valve mono blocks
  2. kinetic

    kinetic Guest

    Oh well, maybe not
  3. Sebatron

    Sebatron Well-Known Member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Down the track quite possibly.
    I've got my hands full on a couple of projects ,
    though i'd love to get into some of the purer tones in the 'Hi-Fi' domain. ;)
  4. kinetic

    kinetic Guest

    Thanks for your reply Sebatron. I've bookmarked your home page so please advise there if and when you decide to go ahead with such a product. I'll be lining up!
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