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Discussion in 'Mastering' started by grandpiano, Apr 2, 2005.

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    When mixing to two track or mastering on my outboard gear, should my meters be moving to -6 for mixes and 0 for mastering, my outboard meters seem to move slightly, just a little, when played through, does this mean that I'm not working the outboard gear enough, or the music going into the outboard gear is not loud enough to make the meters move?

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    Crane Ibis Eq
    Prism Sound Mla-2 Mastering Compressor
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    How does it sound?
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    I don't even understand the question...
  4. grandpiano

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    It sounds good, but I just thought the meters should be moving, they seem not to move at all sometimes, just a little, when I watch the meters in Nuendo or wavelab, the meters are always moving, so I didn't know if the meters on the outboard gear should be as active as well?
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    Sumpin is goofy w/ this guy.

    This and his other questions are almost like: "Could you explain to me how to drive a stick? Should I switch gears at XXXX rmp's? When should I push the clutch in? The vehicles I have available are a Lamborgini, a Porche, a Rolls Royce, a dump truck, and a bunch of Honda dirt bikes."

    Or maybe I just don't get it. :?

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    "Don't watch the meter. Let your ears be the judge..."
    ( taken from somewhere ) :wink:
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    Thank You!!!!!!!!!

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