outdoor mic for jazz horn ensemble

Discussion in 'Ensembles' started by Scott_Fouts, May 15, 2003.

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  1. Scott_Fouts

    Scott_Fouts Guest

    Hi Group -

    This is my first post in this section. Tomorrow I'm set to run sound for a high school jazz (horn) ensemble outdoors. I'm planning on using two 57's in a "Y" pattern for the group coverage. Also - another 57 or two for solos.

    Am I way off on the "group" mics? Any help appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. Scott_Fouts

    Scott_Fouts Guest

    One more addition to the post - sorry!
    I also have some bg5.1 and sm81's available if I should be using condensers instead.
  3. Devin DeVore

    Devin DeVore Guest

    What is your total horn config? How many sax, bones, and trup? How many folks you playing to? And what kind of style music.

    Devin DeVore
  4. Scott_Fouts

    Scott_Fouts Guest

    There will be 13 players. Some Sax, Trumpet, and other brass. Open air venue, stage is small - so they'll be scrunched together.

    Should be 250+ in the crowd. I've got 5x15' EON's for coverage.

  5. vinniesrs

    vinniesrs Active Member

    May 12, 2003
    Use the sm81's. Definitely better than 57's.
    Divide the band in 3 like this, place the mics where the x's are

    Place them overhead of the band at about the same distance as they are from the outside edges. Or a little closer if this is impossible.

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