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    I recently just purchased a UA 2192 and had a question on monitoring. I have the outputs from the UA going directly into my monitors but the problem is that there is no volume control on the 2192 and it makes it very difficult to work with when tracking or mixing.

    I thought about using a central station but I would not be using the D/A of the Ua but on the Central station. also thought about ATTY by a designs but thats analog wouldnt degrade the audio coming from the UA 2192 D/A.

    Is there anyway around this.

    thanks guys

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    You need a passive volume control. These have no active components in the signal path, and so in theory should have no way of affecting the audio.

    The ATTY is exactly that, and so is the SM Pro Audio M-Patch2. You would need to keep the cables from the volume control to the active monitors as short as possible.
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    just looked at the m patch 2 looks great man and got great reviews.. Thanks for bringing that up. I think I might purchase it today. There was another one that mercenary sells but its more expensive and doesnt have the same options. Its the SPL Volume 2.

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