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  1. Geoffc

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    I bought izotope's ozone. I tried the demo (free) for several days, I was sold. I'm extremely happy with it. I'm using it for mastering with sound forge. Apparently people have been complaining about the presets, but I have used my own settings.
    Although it's intended for mastering (heavy CPU usage) it can be used in sonar as an individual plug in. Only those modules being used are actually draining the CPU.
  2. Opus2000

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    Apr 7, 2001
    Yeah, I tried the demo too and found the plugins really nice...
    I figure I'll get those in a few but thanks for the info on them again!
    I'd like to see how it runs with Nuendo more tha Sonar tho
  3. dnmayn

    dnmayn Guest

    Yeah baby!
    Ozone rocks! I purchased it about 6 weeks ago and am simply loving it! I have heard some disparaging comments about it but as Geoff says, its probably the presets. They are overboard in most cases, though a good place to start learning how Ozone works. I usually start by turning everything "off" and adding what I think I need until its close and then using the solo feature to really hear the effect of each module and fine tune like a madman. Subtlety seems to work better than heaping on the processors! I can keep up with my bro who is using Waves Gold on a Digi 001 system. (I use Sonar) My only gripe, and its not much, is that Ozone does color the signal some. This seems to be related to Ozones goal of emulating analog warmth. Personally, I like the color, but I wish sometimes it could be controlled a bit more.
    I would love to hear somebody elses work with Ozone!
  4. iZotope

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    Thanks for the kind words. That said, I just wanted to let you know that we have a sign now at iZotope that says:

    "remember to make better presets in the next version"

    You know, you're at the end and you're fixing bugs and writing doc and doing the site and then you have to do some presets.

    Our apologies.

    As far as the coloration: Ozone does have a certain sound to it. That part is deliberate. It's a lot easier to do digitally exact FIR filters than something that has more of an analog feel to it. Subjective, but deliberate.

    Anyhow, thanks for the kind words, sorry for the presets, and although we've gotten too busy to spend a lot of time on the boards we really encourage anyone to email us at izotope@izotope.com with any questions. We answer everything.

    iZotope, Inc.
  5. Stratomaster

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    I've had ozone for a few weeks and have been very impressed and slightly overwhelmed by what you can do with it. After about a 50 hr week with it, I had to step back and remember that I liked my mixes to that point and just wanted to put a finishing touch on them. Ozone is just too much fun to play with!

    Anyway, I'm dying to hear what other people can do with this program-and to get some tips,maybe we can use this thread as an ozone trading zone?

  6. Geoffc

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    Ozone preset trading sounds great to me. I could use a nice one for multiband compressing the bass to get pumped up bass.
    I recently recorded my son's hard core band. Not my style of music. Anyway, they played me a vinyl of something they liked (orchid) and I was able to compare it with my mix using the spectral analysis. I noticed the orchid had lots of beef in 80-100 hz, my mixed sounded thin, so I was able to match the orchid and get them the sound they wanted. Very easy.
    Also, let's not forget the very clever & intelligent user interface that they did for Ozone. Folks that are confused by it perhaps should learn more about engineering; it's all there.

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