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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by goodge, Nov 21, 2006.

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    Hello people i have challenge i have been set a budget of £500 and with it i need to buy a p.a system which will need to include only the basics i.e 4 nice sounding speakers which need to have bass and treble that will be wall mounted on brackets prefrebly 10 inch sub, speakon cables etc and then the power amp/amps i know its not the greatest budget but i;m sure something can be worked out. The venue is small i.e 100-150 people and just needs to be powerfull enough to get people dancing so a bit of low end and nice treble i notice alot of venues of similar size have smallish sized speakers that genrally sound good i.e JBL samson amps etc??. Does any one know of any starting points or good advice on equipment and where to buy it from based in th u.k prefrebly london.

    Gratefully Goodge
  2. dementedchord

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    May 11, 2006
    perhaps tom cruise will do this in MI4....

    just walk in and ask for the cheapest POS you've got...
    thats like $700 USD right??? is this live music? kareoke? dj? #mics?
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    Pa reply

    The main and only job this pa will be used for is dj work with two cd decks.
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    May 11, 2006
    and are the cd decks and mixer to come out of the $700? how about a mixer?? i'm not sure if anyone around here is into dj equipment but someone one may be able to help some... not sure what might be available locally... any decent music stores near you??? you mentioned 10" subs i would take that to mean in addition to the main speakers... or are you asking for 4 full range speakers that have 10" woofers???
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    The budget does not include the mixer just the amps and the speakers and peakon cables i've come across 10 channel mixer that i would love someone to have a look at for me and give me there feedback.

    The package link


    will this be sufficient for a 120 person venue.

    also this second pa package

    1050 Watt Sound System Package 4 x 15" (ABS Moulded)

    A complete PA package comprising:
    4 x Skytec 300WRMS ABS 15" Speakers
    1 x C-Mark Amplifier 525 + 525W
    4 x Speakon to Speakon speaker cables
    1 x Jack to RCA signal cables
    Power Output
    Total: 1050 Watts - 1050 WRMS

    the link to this is

    both with free delivery. As a BUDGET PACKAGE what do people think??.
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    Apr 19, 2006
    Home Page:
    A couple of suggestions from Ebay UK sellers in your price range:

  7. moonbaby

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    Feb 23, 2005
    Apparently you have no interest in anything reliable or quality-sounding. Cheap JUNK from China and Korea is just that....you get what you pay for these days. And in regards to the poster who directed you to Carlsboro, that brand TRIED to get distribution in the States several years ago, but could not compete with the likes of Peavey in terms of reliability or value, and they gave up here. In addition, I have read British music mag reviews bitching about their guitar amps blowing up (!) during test reviews....FWI.
    Why are you so pre-disposed to having 4 cabs. Why not 2 of better quality? And how do you get (1) power amp that you list is "525+525", and then claim the "rms" output is "1050+1050"? Was there a typo eror, or are you being misled to believe that the amp will double its output when you double the speakers? Cheap power amps never achieve that in real time useage, usually because the of their whimpy power supplies and the smaller copper wires in the transformers; they can't take the heat build-up. Anyway, good luck, mate!
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    I totally agree with you on quality and have been searching for a pa now preferring to have two better quality speakers and a better quality power amp instead of the plastic tack. Obviously i'm still finding it difficult to assemble a package on my £700 budget which will include hopefully a resonable pair of speakers and an amp with enough power to entertain a 120 person capacity club at a good sound level. so again any help sent i would be gratefull for.
  9. goodge

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    Yes i have managed to scrimp another £200 wow!!! out of my manager so the budget is set at £700.
  10. pa cabs

    i had some crazy dude build us pa cabs out of particle board and emenince speakers about 15 years ago, im still using one today

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