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  1. Hi,
    There is pad and low filter in my mics and preamps
    -20 /pramps
    -10 / mics
    80hz filter / preamps
    low filter/ mics
    With this stuff I can make a snare sound a little better or an overhead mic pick up less drums etc...
    but .... for recording, do I really need to make things better before the converters?
    everithing is in protools now and can be added after the recording.
    do you still pad before?
  2. Link555

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    Mar 31, 2007
    North Vancouver
    Pad is used to protect the inputs of the premap and ADC from overload, so yes I do.

    Second, engaging the pad on some pre-amps, causes you to up the gain. Which some believe sounds better, as there is less negative feedback.

    As for filtering, I record with the mix in mind. If my pre-amp filter is good, and I don't need anything below 80hz in the mix, then why not cut it.
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