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    My setup, 16 channel mixer. 6 channels going from TRS outputs to RCA inputs on my Delta 1010LT sound card.

    The Delta 1010LT allows 6 RCA inputs, 2 XLR (pre amp) inputs, a midi input and a S/PDIF input.

    The problem is I can record the 6 RCA inputs perfectly fine, sounds great. But the 2 pre amp inputs I can't go through my mixer, that'd be two preamp's on a single mic and distortion. So I connect the mic to the input itself. The preamp doesn't have any kind of adjustment, I've looked in the manual, everywhere. I can adjust the channel level itself, but the level is nothing if you can't adjust the preamp. I am still getting distortion, even if I turn the level down. Is there anything cheap I can buy to put a pad on each of the channel's or possibly anyone know anything about the Delta 1010lt.
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    Nov 13, 2001
    I don't have a Delta1010 to look at

    I'll guess that the 2 pre amp inputs are female XL3 and probably meant for Microphones


    find a simple passive DI box with an attenuator at the front.
    It will probably have a 10k to 600ohm tranformer in there and the pad at the front will reduce the input to levels that the trafo can handle and then the balanced output can be injected into the Mic input of the 1010.

    It will make the desk output look like a Microphone.

    IF it is a mic you are using and your are still getting distortion then you need an inline Mic-pad.
    It will be a simple xl3 to xl3 with some resitors inside

    line pads and mic pads look the same BUT have different resistor values inside

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