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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by yodermr, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. yodermr

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    Each time I boot my computer I get an error message that the paging file is not set or too small.

    This is new because when I setup the box I followed the WinXP tweak guide and set it. I think it was 512 min and max.

    Now when I try to reset it, it will allow me to but when the computer reboots I get the same message and the paging file was not changed.

    The computer's performance does not seem to be effected.

    Computer PIV 2.0 ASUS P4B800E(?)
    Win XP - all updates
    3- 40 gig HDs (1 OS, 1 sound and 1 backup)
    OS and Sound drive are more than 60% empty.

  2. mjones4th

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    Aug 15, 2003
    Here's some info that might help:
  3. EdWray

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    Jul 6, 2001
    Here's some more info that might help:
    pagefile info
  4. Caine Dreiling

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    Jan 16, 2004
    Mobile, AL
    Home Page:
    I was bouncing a song to disk today, and a little more that half way through I got an error message that said "bounce handler unable to keep up" (this is in protools 6.1). I go to the support section of digidesign and found 7 hits concerning the "bounce handler." One of the suggestions that I followed was to disable page filing. I tired this and it did not fix my problem. I played with different fixes for about 45 minutes. Finally, I noticed I was sending audio to a aux track that was disabled. I muted that send and tried to bounce again, and it was a successful bounce. My point is that the system now has page filing turned off. I have a little more that a gig of ram, and the system seems to actually run faster with no page file. I haven't checked to see if it is a bad idea disable PF, but for now I'll leave it the way it is.
  5. yodermr

    yodermr Guest

    Well thanks for all the great info on paging files. I couldn't find any trouble-shooting info though.

    Tried the idea to move the paging file to a separate drive but I still get the same problem.
    It allows you to set wat ever I want, save, it askes to reboot but the same error message appears.

    No indication why, it just won't create a paging file. Ah Microsoft, so helpful.

  6. jscott

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    Have you considered just turning the Pagefile to "OFF"?

    I have found that this is required sometimes prior to altering the pagefile size.

    Under Virtual Memory put a check in No Paging File for each drive listed, then wait a minute or so and reboot.

    Afterwords, make it a System Manged pagefile on Drive C: only, then wait a minute and reboot.

    If these ideas do not work, schedule a disk error check and select to automatically fix errors for each disk, then reboot and try again. Sometimes if there is a disk error, the pagefile will not be altered.

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