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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by capitancarajo, May 27, 2001.

  1. The first time I heard those pops and weird bad quality automated panning I thought it was because I was also automating volume as well as applying three insert effects: two VST and one DX to a 96KHz 24 bit audio file... "Too much for my PC", said I. But as I opened the VST performance window it showed a reasonable headroom, not even reaching the half of it (CPU and DISK). Just in case, I disabled the plugins one by one... sounded the same ugly thing, until I finally got to this 44.1 KHz 16 bit file with no plugins on its chain and only one simple and long pan automation curve. It responses hardly decently. Applying volume automation starts to make this sound unstable and BAD, but VST performance seems to be OK. I own a PC PIII 500 MHz 256 RAM, partitioned 7200 rpm HD, Win 98 SE. Anybody having the same problem?
    Is it possible to fix this with kind of a "buffer" thing or anything else?
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    Apr 7, 2001
    Nope...havent come across that one my friend..cant say what exactly that could be either..have you been posting on the Nuendo Forum?(ya I dont frequent that forum much so I'm not sure if you have or not..It's definately system dependant at this point..does the sound happen when you are automating or after you automate it?
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    Your system performance is too low for professional work with Nuendo. Automating,
    generaly, is very resorce "hungry".
    I need more facts about your system and Windows98SE configuration.

    Perfomance window in Nuendo is not showing
    that it should.

  4. Definetely it has to be my system... it's kind of fast this growing hunger new programs are having. Damn, I feel I just bought this Aptiva when it was the fastest thing, I feel it was yesterday. I'll switch to Mac soon... but this updating hurricane is much faster than I can think, and always makes me wait a little, to see what comes the next day, minute, second! (BTW, is Nuendo for Mac already available?)

    I tried to enter this Nuendo forum at Steinberg twice today and seems to be down. Anyway, I like RO's forum better.

    Weird that VST performance made look my system so fresh, as much as latency... latency is a problem I don't have at all.


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    Maybe you can upgrade your computer with another hard drive (ATA-66, 7200 RPM) and even a faster CPU. The second hard drive will give you a big performance boost as far as track count and the faster CPU will boost you plugin power. Partitioning one disk may actually be a performance drain. By the way 24 bit is certainly an audible difference over 16 bit but 96khz might not be worth the processing bandwidth it requires. Unless of course you plan to publish your work on DVD.
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    I have a simliar system and I am able to run Nuendo nicely. Do pops and clicks happen when you are not useing automation?
  7. Hi all, thanks for replying. I heard no pops, just a bad automation. The pan didn't go smoothly, it did a weird effect like a bad quality rotary speaker. BUT :D I solved the problem just by upgrading to 1.51
    Thank you guys

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