Panasonic Sv-255 field DAT question

Discussion in 'Digital Recorders' started by jbeutt, May 1, 2005.

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    Mar 2, 2005
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    So I picked up one of these for $25. The tape compenent is fine, it loads, plays, rewinds and does it cleanly and quietly. My problem is that when I go to record, I get a loud screaming noise. It will produce it under any recording condition, even with the recording level at 0. However, it does record this noise and play it back so I can assume the tape compenent is fine and it's the input side that's screwy which in my ming sounds like an easier fix. Does this sound like a correct conclusion or is there something obvious I'm missing. If i fiddle with the record leve or mic/line level or stereo mono switch it changes the sound/pitch of the ringing noise, but that's it. Some help would be greatly appreciated as I really want to get this unit working. Is the fix something I can do if it isn't tape side or something that'll be a cheap fix? Thanks a ton.

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