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    Ok so I have another issue I've been wrestling with...standard panning procedures.

    I guess I view a song as a tapestry, where all the nuances should have a chance to be heard.

    In my last prog rock band I had a difficult time mixing so that everything had its right place in the mix.

    One of the things I already do when I want a phat (yes with a P) guitar track is double it and pan one hard right and one hard left.

    I usually put the bass drum center, snare center, hi-hat a bit left, left overhead 75% left, right overhead 75% right, hi tom left, mid tom center, low tom right.

    Then I put bass center and vocals center...

    Guitar solos are usually centered as well.

    Is this a pretty good template?

    With the prog rock band, both of the guitars are doing different things that work well together. Should they just be hard left and hard right? A mix of the two?

    I realize it's tough without hearing, but I was hoping to get some experienced info.

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    Mar 28, 2001
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