Parallel Processing/Side-Chaining

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    So most of us know the ducking trick with the kick and bass, sending things to "like" reverbs (ie vocal verb, drum verb, or just one for everything), but what else do you guys do? I'd like to learn some new skills. One I like to try is to set up a side-chain with a white noise generator and gate on the aux channel. It will be reading the snare. I low and high pass the white noise to get a smaller bandwidth, usually from around 250-5k. So the effect is when the snare hits, the white noise is generated. Gives a little more body to the snare. That trick I learned from a professor of mine. Some times I also use parallel processing to do a de-esser, which I think sounds a little better than my de-essing plug, and gives a lot more control.
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    One trick I like: When sending fx (or anything for that matter) to a big, over the top reverb on a return. Follow the reverb with a sidechain comp with high compression settings and have its input set as the sound you are sending to the return. This way the initial sound is not coloured by the verb and the release on the compressor can be set to a fairly quick time to make a reverse . sucking verb sound.

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