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  1. I am about to solder up my patchbay. I have a mixture of balanced & unbalanced gear. Often I will be patching effects directly from channel inserts which are unbalanced. Does it make sense to use a balanced connection between the patchbay and the gear that does have balanced connections even though I will be going back and forth between balanced & unbalanced gear and unbalanced insert points? And if so should I then always use balanced patch cables on the bay?
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    I've often thought that it doesn't matter, because there really isn't anything that can be done about it aside from maybe using DI's.

    Maybe DI's are the answer...but I don't know. Hope someone in the know chimes in on this one.
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    I have usually used all balanced patch bays. Following the XLRs, pin 2 hot, tip, pin 3 low, ring, pin 1, sleeve, ground. When patching an unbalanced device use a guitar cable which is only 2 conductor. This will keep pin 2, tip, hot and tie pin 3 to sleeve ground pin 1. So you will need both balanced an unbalanced patch cords.
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    RemyRAD's method has always worked for me as well. Plus when you get the chance to upgrade any of your unbalanced gear to balanced, your patch points are already wired. :p

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