Patchbay pads signal by -18db

Discussion in 'Patchbays' started by AwedOne, Aug 2, 2008.

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    I was testing this old Tascam PB-32 patchbay by running a 1'4" cable from one of the back jacks into the line in on my console, then plugging a bass into the matching jack on the front. It worked, but it attenuated the signal by -18db when compared to the bass plugged directly into the line in on the console. Does anyone know if this is normal for Tascam patchbays?

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    Sep 26, 2005
    Geez?? It sounds as if this particular patch Bay was designed to strictly interface with TASCAM/TEAC -10 DB with reference to 1 volt inputs from + 4 DB sources? That's how much it needs to be knocked down in order to feed the lower-level TASCAM stuff. Yes, it probably has built-in pads for just that purpose. Believe it or not, for your situation, I'd recommend the Beringer patch bay. Super simple to use with switches on the top to select half normal, no normal, full normal. No attenuation include. Inexpensive as well.

    You can always hack out the pads.

    Hacked up but not hacked out.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
  3. AwedOne

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    Yeah, I was kinda guessing there might be some pads in there. I'm gonna open it up tonight and see.

    I've got 2 48 point ADC patchbays with punchblock terminations that I'll probably end up using, but I have to buy a punchdown tool first. no wonder I got'em so cheap. The tool costs as much as I paid for both bays.

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