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  1. can someone please help me, i have a few good premaps and if i want to A/B them with the same mic i have to unplug the mic and replug it into a differnet input (in the live room). I think what i need is a de-normalled patchbay, any other suggestions would be great. Sweetwater forum sucks and didnt help me at all with this. the one catch is phatom power will be needed, should i go with an external power supply for overheads, guitars, vocals(that would require pp).
    i just want the front to mirror the back of the bay
  2. Chance

    Chance Guest

    Record with each one (one on the left and one on the right) when you play back the 2 recorded tracks, you wont have to A/B them, you can hear them both at the same time
  3. i hear what your saying, what i want is a quick conparison using the same mic. like i hear what the guitar soundnlike through my daking let me patch it thourhg my cvitneck realy quick typ of thing. i am not suer i understand how i should execute what you are suggesting
  4. Chance

    Chance Guest

    What I am saying is to first record your mic with the first preamp on the first track, then record your mic with the second preamp on the second track. When you play back the 2 tracks, pan one hard left and the other hard right and you will be hearing both at the same time and you will instantly know which is most appealing.
  5. i gotcha, i am def lloking to be able to do it on the fly and not take up too much time. also i want to be able to switch lets say, top and bottom premaps quickly to see which is better. thank you fo r the suggestion though
  6. h yeah and Chance i used to live in Mira Loma right by where you live!!!!! RAncho GC center is pretty good but i think the english mangare is a dick!!!!
  7. FloodStage

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    Feb 23, 2003
    Try something like this:

    (There are other more better and more expensive options but this is a good place to start)

    Plug the mic into the splitter, one splitter out into one pre, the other splitter out into the other pre, then both pre's get the exact same signal. It's transformer isolated so the pre's won't interact with each other. A patch bay will not be transformer balanced.

    The Carvin will not pass phantom power so if you are using a Phantom power mic, you'll have to get a different splitter. I have a Samson S-Split that has 3 outputs and will pass phantom power through one of them. Cost about 50-60 bucks at "Scam Cash" if my memory serves me right.

    What you do after that is up to you (although matching volumes of each track with a steady test tone is helpful for comparison sake)
  8. one more thing. wheni do get my compressors i wnat to be able to couple up differnet compressors and pre's. also i want ot be able to lets say switch the snare and kick pre's very fast. thanks for the all tips though
  9. Chance

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    Yeah that English dude is gone from GC. My daughter is ( or was ) the one at the door where you enter. She finally moved up.
  10. was she the gothic girl with the dark hair? i livd out there about 2 years ago, small world
  11. was she the gothic girl with the dark hair? i livd out there about 2 years ago, small world
  12. was she the gothic girl with the dark hair? i livd out there about 2 years ago, small world
  13. Chance

    Chance Guest

    No, no, and no. That girl got fired
  14. wayout

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    Nov 15, 2005
    small world indeed.

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