Patchbays -- Punchdown vs. Neutrik Spring Loaded?



I'm looking for a good, solid, TT patchbay that's flexible (in that I'll probably want to reconfigure it every so often). My soldering skills suck. So, right now I'm considering getting either one of the Neutrik patchbays that have the "spring loaded push terminals with gas tight connections" or a punchdown-style patchbay. I don't have any experience with either.

Can anybody give me some practical advice on the relative merits of each? Also, how do they both compare to a properly hard-soldered standard patchbay? Should I expect the connection failure rate to be significatly higher on the punchdown or springloaded bays?

- J. Slator


I purchased an ADC 48 TRS punch down off of ebay for $200. I heard the new ones sell for around $400. The punchdown tool was $70. I guess there are 2 different sockets, square or round, make sure you get the right tool for the right one. I have no experience with the spring loaded kind. No problem yet, the ADC are excellent quallity. :)

Rich Johnstone

Beware the Neutriks!

I recently put 5 into a studio and they seemed to make my wiring guys swear and curse a great deal. They are very fiddley indeed. the little normalling bars are a nightmare - I keep having to reseat some of them. The assembly screws seem to be made of putty. The labelling strips are also a pain in the ...

I won't be going that way again. Rich :mad:


I am presently researching this for a couple of clients as we speak, and I had similar questions. Switchcraft has a new one out TTPFA96K that is the punch down type. Like I said I just started my research today, but it seems like a really good solution for what you are doing. I don't know about Nuetrics, I always use switchcraft, I heard they were the best and they have always worked great for me. I'll let you know more if anybody is interested.