PC Motherboard - Asus A7M266?

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by KSmith, Apr 14, 2001.

  1. KSmith

    KSmith Guest

    I desperately need to build another Nuendo box. I was gonna wait until summer for the dual-cpu Athlon boards, but need something now, like this week.

    Anyway, the A7M266 has all the right stuff on paper. Anyone around here using it? I'll be using RME cards and Windows 2000, no MOTU or Digi stuff.
  2. Randyland

    Randyland Guest

    They are great when you get a working one, just make sure that you're dealing with a reputable seller with a good exchange policy. I absolutely love ASUS boards, but the store I work at has gotten about half of the A7M's back that we have sold. I think they were in a hurry trying to get that board out to the public. Try to get the version 1.05 or later model. Hope this helps.
  3. gtrmac

    gtrmac Guest

    I'm very curious about this motherboard. We have been using CUSL2-C mobos in systems until now in order to avoid the VIA chipset problems but the A7M266 has very interesting feature including DDR SDRAM support. Have any problems shown up with hardware incompatabilities? We are using RME audio cards and Matrox G-450 graphics and usually Adaptec Ultra160 SCSI adaptors. I would be grateful for any information about this mobo.
  4. gtrmac

    gtrmac Guest

    After a couple days surfing the various DAW forums I have not heard anything good about the A7M266. The FIC AD11 is not doing too well either. I think the VIA chipset is the kiss of death for DAW stuff. Gonna stick with the CUSL2-C/PIII 1GHZ combo for now. I just bought another one as a matter of fact.
  5. KSmith

    KSmith Guest

    I'd heard mixed things about it too, Mac, that's why I asked about it here. The site went down before I got any replies, so I talked to a (seemingly knowledgable) vendor about it.

    As I mentioned on the Nuendo board, this particular vendor sells bother the A7M266 and the FIC AD11. The initial release of the A7M didn't go well, according to them, they got lots of returns. But the newest batch (probably rev 1.05 that someone else mentioned) has been rock solid in their testing, and they haven't gotten a single return. As opposed to the AD11 which is still causing problems.

    To make a long story short, I ordered one last week and should have it tomorrow. I'll build it up over the weekend and run some tests on it, but won't be able to put it on a session for a couple of weeks.
  6. KSmith

    KSmith Guest

    If anyone cares, I didn't have much luck with this board. Nuendo ran better on my 1Ghz A7V system. Measurably better disk i/o, subjectively more responsive user interace under a heavy load, and no apparent improvement in the number of effects or latency I could use. Maybe I got a bad one, and yes I tried -everything- to make it work, but in the end it just couldn't keep up with my previous system.

    Next up - 1.33Ghz A7V133 with 2-2-2 memory.

    Although, Nuendo for MacOS just hit the streets...

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