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Discussion in 'Computing' started by arnieguitar, Mar 18, 2009.

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    My music PC died, the power supply fried and took out the motherboard (according to the kid at the local pc shop). I have another used PC I bought off of the 'bay, that also has Windows XP Home SP2 as the Operating System. I've installed the 1010lt into the working pc, installed the stuff off of the CD, but neither my DAW software(Sonar 7 Pro) or the control panel on the pc shows the 1010lt. When I fire up the PC, the lower left hand shows a little popup saying the 101lt is there, but I always get shown the "New Hardware" window, even though I've installed the software. I tried the driver off of the website, thinking there was something new, but nothing.
    There are 4 slots on the motherboard to put the 1010lt into, does it matter which one I use?
    Am I missing something else?
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    What do the fins (male connection)on the card look like? Blackish?

    If your motherboard was hit, there are real chances the card was hit just as hard. It reads like you had to establish a new/different hard drive and not like you used the same hard drive? If that is correct and it is also because the hard drive was fried, the pci 1010lt should be considered fried unless proven with some other technical process.

    Sorry 'bout that.

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    Performing the installation process on the software does not necessarily mean that the OS subsequently can find the driver. Try doing a driver update from the device properties in Device Manager. Specify manual location of the driver and browse to the directory that the installer created. You should see a .sys file that is the required driver.

    Usually the only difference between the motherboard PCI slots is the default interrupt vector that they are wired to. Device Manager can show you if your interface card is having to share vectors with other hardware. If it is, it's worth trying another slot.
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    Thanks for taking the time to respond.
    No, they don't look blackish, and nothing in the PC smelled burned or anything. The PS and MB still look bee-randy new, no smell or discoloration...
    The kid took off the side cover, connected a small device with 4 LED's to the wiring, and one of the LED's wasn't in line with the other 3.
    He said my PS was bad. He got a new one, connected it, and the PC did the same thing...you would hear the high speed whine of the cooling fans, and that was it. There was nothing on the monitor, and nothing would boot up. He then said that he got the wrong PS, that mine needed another connection. He went and got another PS supposedly with the extra connection, and nothing changed. He then said that my MB was bad. I wonder if he did something by installing the wrong PS.

    The guy I bought it from is a friend I met on a forum. He built it a while back and it worked great for me. The 1010lt installation went flawlessly and I was having lot's of fun recording with it.

    It has the Thermaltake W0129RU 600W ATX 12V PS and ASUS P5WD2 MB.

    I see them on eBay, but I'd be putting about $175 into the PC, and not be sure it's really the problem...besides, I'm not that confident on installing the MB...
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    Thank you for taking the time to respond, I'll give that a try.
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    "I wonder if he did something by installing the wrong PS."
    This is unlikely unless he used some cheap crappy PSU that spits out whatever voltage it wants.

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