pci vs firewire

Discussion in 'Computing' started by telecast, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. telecast

    telecast Guest

    what are the pros and cons of both?
  2. fartecho

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    Sep 29, 2004
    if you just think of their basic tech. structure, you'll find the answer for yourself...

    info transferwise, they're pretty similar, firewire is the only real feasible method for laptop use, and you need a bulky tower pc/mac for a pci card...not always needed of course in firewire (with a laptop)...generally, the world is going firewire/usb.
  3. michaeltk

    michaeltk Guest

    The most important pro of using a PCI card is that you will have less latency than with firewire. The biggest drawback of using a PCI card is that its converters might pick up lots of interference from your computer. Firewire boxes tend to avoid that noise by keeping the converters outside of the PC.

    BUT, there are exceptions to every rule. I have owned a MOTU firewire interface, as well as a LynxTwo PCI card. Guess which one was by far the quieter of those two devices? The LynxTwo, surprisingly.

    Really, the first question is how much do you have to spend? If you can afford a Lynx, I would recommend that you buy it without even considering firewire. You'll get unbeatable latency and virtually no noise. But if, like most people, you can't afford a Lynx, you should look into options that would keep the converters away from your PC.

    One last note---do not, under any circumstances, purchase a USB device unless it is USB 2.0 compatible. USB 1 is much too slow for serious audio.
  4. telecast

    telecast Guest

    i can afford about 700 clams
  5. michaeltk

    michaeltk Guest

    I noticed that you've got two related threads going on in the pro audio forum. The other one is more developed, so why don't we all just continue this conversation in that one?
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