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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by lebus44, Oct 10, 2004.

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  1. lebus44

    lebus44 Guest

    Hi ..
    I'm mixing in cubase .. i used to mix outboard as i was using an outboard sequencer and all my gear was out board .. I'm liking the freedom Cubase is giving me but i can't seem to get the same levels i used to .. It seems Cubase is always peaking on something , so i'm losing a good 4db or so on overall volume . I know this can be fixed in mastering but i've got my mixes sounding good but i just want them a bit hotter ..

    it's mostly with my kicks , snares and basslines that seem to be pushing the meter in the red .. sometimes in a sequence the notes are all the same but one note might push everything into the red for ont note .. meaning i'm losing that headroom ..

    i'm not used to studying waves as i never had the chance before ..but now i am and i'm figuring somewhere my slaps are what's pushing things over .. especially when 3 things or so hit on the same note ..

    I work mostly with audio , as i record most of my outboard gear into cubase .. I'm wondering where i should really start looking at how to fix this ..

    compression on the way in ?
    Eq in cuabse ?
    compression in cubase ?

    The pencil tool in the audio editor window seems like a devil's tool but might this be something i can use to cut peaks ?

    any discussion
    would be helpfull


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