Peavey Classic 30 for recording

Discussion in 'Accessories / Connections' started by steppingonmars, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. steppingonmars

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    Brandon, MB Canada
    Hi all

    Just wondering if anyones used a Peavey Classic 30 for recording and what your experience was with it. I get get one new for 1/2 price right now and my Fender 75 is just too damn heavy for toting around
  2. The '30 is the gem of the Peavey Classic line. Depending on the work you do, it might record among the best in its price range.

    Unless you play strictly bluesy lead-guitar stuff, the overdrive feels too "gritty" and weak to be taken seriously, to my ears. If you want something smooth or sustain-y, you may have to run pedals before it.

    The speaker produces transients really well, which makes it ideal for recording, but there's also [forgive my attempts] a harsh, grating quality about its midrange. It can also sound pretty choked when you drive it too hard.

    I'm being critical, of course, but there is something special about the Classic 30s. Give one a try.
  3. steppingonmars

    steppingonmars Active Member

    Brandon, MB Canada
    Thanks for the input, I also found the fender deluxe quite harsh around 2k on the lead channel so I'm not a big fan of them for recording either. I play mainly classic rock/blues type stuff so this sounds like a good choice.
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    i have a classic 30, but dont really record out of it. I liked having the 5w epiphone tube head and my 412 cab. i dont have a big enough room to record the 30 with the power tubes in use.

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