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    Dave Pensado recommends these free plug-ins:


    Apparently, ( and I didn't know this, or if I did, I'd forgotten) there are some versions of PT that don't have a
    phase-checking feature.
    Pensado ( being the Avid fan that he is) recommends inserting this into the Master Bus:

    ( I suppose this would work with any popular DAW platform, although many DAW's already have
    phase-checking included as stock processors... I know Samplitude does.

    He also suggests these from Tokyo Dawn Labs:

    Slick EQ, ( which is an EQ, as its name implies)
    TDR Kotelnikov
    , ( Stereo Bus Compression)
    TDR Compression ( Feed-back design instead of Feed-Forward )
    , ( a pan-distance processor based on several psycho-acoustic models/algorithms).

    All are available as VST 64 ( and 32), AAX and AU formats. So, PC or Mac.

    I haven't personally tried any of these yet, so I can't comment or review; I just thought I'd post the links for those who might be interested.


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