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Discussion in 'Percussion' started by buldog5151bass, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Question for percussionists out there (by the way, Treena - thanks for pointing me here).

    I am a bass player, and have a 4 year old son who loves playing drums. I got him a cheap Pulse 4-piece kit - snare, kick, mounted tom, and cheap hi hat and mounted cymbal. He also has a good ride cymbal, compliments from my drummer.

    Anyway, he is playing alot now (has decent time already). I wanted to get him something for Christmas to help his interest (and improve the sound) - am thinkng of a decent thin crash or splash, and maybe a decent snare. Who makes decent beginner stuff, and any suggestions. I don't want to go nuts, but on the other hand, from what I remember, stuff like Cambers sounded worse than pie plates.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.
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    I started out as piano player and so am technically a percussionist. Yeah, that's right, a piano is a percussion instrument because the strings are hit by hammers.

    There were many times when I was performing that there was "nothing" for me to do during guitar driven songs, so I picked up some hand percussion stuff; shakers, tamborines, wood blocks, etc.

    Good cymbals and snares are expensive so try some "ethnic" percussion such as djembes, congas, talking drums and the like. Also think about shakers, tamborines, wood blocks, triangles and other types of orchestral percussion.

    For the cymbals and snares haunt the small music stores, and used internet sites as well as pawn shops and "bargain classifieds" type publications. I've found lots of fune stuff dirt cheap. Many people don't know what they have. But be prepared to buy some cymbal polish and expend a little elbow grease.

    Oh yeah; since you're a bass player you must know a couple of drummers. Perhaps they can make a few suggestions.

  3. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, the drummers I play with only know the higher level stuff. I just moved into the town where I am now fairly recently, so I don't know the people well enough at local stores where I think they not just pushing what they have on the shelves.
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    Honestly, if it were me, Id get him either a set of metronome headphones or a good metronome. Now is the time to instill good timing.... He'll thank you on down the road!
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    id skip the metronome because hes still young he'd get bored with it. save it for a lil later. def check the music stores for quality used stuff. a practice pad might be nice and a book with some rudiments. jam out with em sometimes too :D
  6. Good time he has - never did more than watch me and our drummer play, and can do a simple 4/4 beat right on the nose (even starting to follow parts on recordings).

    I agree with Stewie on the metronome - attention span is short enough at that age.

    Gracias for all the input though ...

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