Piano Connection issue with Focusrite Pro 40

Discussion in 'Acoustic Keyboards' started by latinboy642003, Mar 31, 2012.

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    I need help connecting my Casio CTK-551 piano to my pro 40 interface. I had just connected it and recorded a clip with it and noticed that it took about 1 second for me to hear the note i played after I hit the key. I just try to reconnect the piano so I could tell you the steps i took, but I could'nt remember what i did.
    so 2 questions? What it the correct way to connect my piano to the interface via midi cable. Second, how do i get rid of the lag?
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    By using MIDI, you are recording information about what note should be played and for how long. You are not recording the sound of the piano. It's up to your computer program to interpret the note information and to construct and then play a suitable waveform. The speed at which this will happen depends on how fast your computer is and what program you are running to make the sounds.

    If what you want to record really is the stream of MIDI data, then just use a 5-pin MIDI cable from the MIDI out connector on the CTK-551 to the MIDI in connector on the rear of the Pro 40. You will need to set up a MIDI track in whatever audio program (DAW) you are running. It would be worth monitoring this using the loudspeakers or the headphone output on the piano rather than getting the computer to generate tones in response to the MIDI data it is receiving.

    The alternative is to record the analog waveform output of the piano, probably by taking the stereo headphone output into a pair of line inputs on the Pro 40. The best connection method to use for this is an "insert cable". This has a TRS (stereo) plug on one end going to two separate TS (mono) plugs on the other. The TS plug labelled "send" or "tip" will be the left channel and should go to the lower-numbered input of a pair of channels on the Pro 40, and the TS plug labelled "return" or "ring" is the right channel and should go to the higher-numbered channel of the pair.

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