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    Ok I know that sounds dumb but it's the only way I could explain it. How do you get a guitar up high in the top of the left headphone, another one down the bottom etc etc.? Like Chinese Democracy, everything is so tight and in it's own space. I understand pan left and right, how do you get them up and down. Is it mixing frequencies? Anyone explain?
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    Feb 21, 2009
    Not sure what you are talking about, what is the name of a specific song that we can check out? Or did you mean the song off the chinese democracy album, chinese democracy?
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    I basically mean any album, (id have to listen to the CD again to give you exact examples) but you can hear different parts in different places in the earphones. Like sometimes more to the top of your skull, some down the bottom near your neck.
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    Actually, you're pretty right on.

    Panning dictates L/R in the stereo image, frequency correlates to up/down, and effects (reverb) or volume can make a track feel more upfront or "in the back".

    There are some tools that let you manipulate placement in the stereo field more, and I'm guessing some of these were used to create the "top of the skull", "near your neck" sensations. I know you can make a sound seem to come from behind in this way.

    Also keep in mind psychoacoustics - that is, a listener's brain will interpret a sound to be coming from a specific location even if it's not.
    I believe that's why we interpret frequency (low-high) as down/up in the image.

    I can't really tell you better than that w/ my knowledge.
  5. BoosterKitty

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    You're a legend mate. Thanks for explaining that to me.

    As far as the plug in goes - anyone know any?
  6. Codemonkey

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    What format and are you willing to pay?

    KVRaudio has a plugin database, if you scan their list of Spatial/Reverb plugins then you should come across something. It is a lot of information though, but if you want to just download some freebies, I'd look at =64&type[]=11&f=0&fe=vst&win=1&free=1&sf=0&receptor=&de=0&sort=1&rpp=15]free spatial VSTs
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    Anyone know of any free ones in particular? I could go through that page all day and still not know what the hell I'm looking for.

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