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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by willy-san, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. willy-san

    willy-san Guest

    Hello again,

    I have a question about playback monitors.

    Let me just fill you in first...

    I use DO from my Line6 amp directly to my soundcard.
    Though, as soon as that tax refund gets here im getting an SM57.
    This way I can hear it through my amp when I record.
    (once you plug in a cable to the DO it mutes the amp)
    The for doing multiple tracks I use a pair of KOSS headphones that my dad has had since the 70's. Though they are really good, i think..??...

    Im just trying to do a decent demo and use this method to get ideas down. Nothing professional.

    But for playback, i need a monitor, not crummy ol computer speakers. So i have a few questoins about monitor.

    1. Can I use the monitors while recording to do multiple tracks.
    (instead of headphones)
    2. Whats the best bang for my buck. (trying to keep it under $300)
    3. Can i use my monitors for other audio functions on my pc, ie. playing music, games....and stuff like that.
    4. What other items/expenses are there with setting up playback monitors. Or are there any?

  2. willy-san

    willy-san Guest

    No one can help with any of these questions?
    If anyone has any input at all, it would really be appreciated.

    Hopefully once its at the top of the page again, someone might see it.

  3. eddies880

    eddies880 Guest

    1. If you dont have a control room and youre recording in the same room as youre recorder,and you have youre monitors on----youll get feed back----so :no: you cant have youre monitors on.
    3. yes you can----if you can swing it----buy active monitors
    4. If you buy monitors that are not powered,youll need to use a power amp to power the speakers-----keep in mind---------try to find monitors that are :flat response:

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