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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Wizbang, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Wizbang

    Wizbang Guest

    Well....I've decided to buy/build a new DAW vs try to convert my old machine....see old link for BIZARRE attempt post!!.... {old-link-removed}

    So here is proposed list

    P4 3.0g 800mhz HT Presscott 478 1MG L2 cache cpu...$185
    ASUS P4P800 SE 1865PE mobo 478 sock $95
    Kingston 512 x2 (184 pin) $330
    Western Dig 250G IDE $163
    Western Dig 40G IDE $50
    Antec case mod# P-160 WF...ATX midtower...120x2 fans $116
    Thermaltake silent purepower 420W ATX $36

    I will use current cdrw/ 17" monitor/ upgrade later..
    Total for new BAD box??? $976.

    This will be a stand alone DAW
    I'm an ultra newbie...please advise on this system... suggest changes, really don't want to spend anymore than maybe $1200 total....thanks!
  2. David French

    David French Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2002
    Why not Seriat ATA harddrives? Also, I think I mentioned that I like the Seagate Barracudas more than WD drives, Raptors aside.

    I didn't see any RAM model number or specs. Make sure that the RAM you select is exactly what you need for that MOBO. Also, good quality RAM like kingston is worth the money, so I think you've made a wise choice there.

    What are you doing for video?
  3. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    Aug 21, 2004
    Quakertown PA
    I agree SATA drives are the way to go. They only cost a little more ($10 to $20) and the performance is worth twice the price. I prefer Maxtor but Seagate and Western Digital are also very fine drives.

    The 865 chipset is a good choice, been around for a while and is very stable. Good choice for a DAW.

    I prefer Corsair RAM but Kingston is fine. Make sure you get PC3200 (DDR 400) whatever brand you choose or you won't see the full performance from your DAW. With the 800 MHz FSB PC3200 is the perfect fit (don't go higher or lower). For $320 you can get Corsair Twin X Dual Channel PC3200 DDR low latency RAM for even better performance. It performs way better than Kingston for $10 less. Here's the link, under memory PN# MCY303

    As far as Video I would suggest an old favorite of DAW builders, Matrox Millenium G450. You can find it at the above site PN# DAG619 or from many other suppliers as well. If you don't intend to ever use dual displays then one of the lower priced cards from ATI or N'vidia will do fine.

    I think those couple of changes will give you much better performance and still keep you under your $1200 budget. Good luck to you and if you have any more questions you know where to ask.
  4. Wizbang

    Wizbang Guest

    Thanks for the input fellas...

    I switched to SATA drives &
    I chose the Matrox vid card....forgot about vid and I would like the option to go dual screen in the future when LCD prices come down...

    I think I've got things nailed down except for the case and OS...
    XP home or pro?

    I read the long cooling/quiet thread, and I will have the machine in the recording room , so quiet is important to me...

    How does the case effect sound? Plastic vs aluminum? The item descriptions don't say if bb fans or not....

    The one I have my eye on is a Thermaltake VA 3000 midtower item #N82E16811133132 @ - will this work well?

    Thanks again guys... you've been great. I'd screw up even more if I didn't have your expertise and experience....but most important...WILLINGNESS to give your time to this board......


    PS...I left a rather long winded attempt at some humor the other day in my post...if I'm out of line please let me know..the last entry of that thread in particular....thanks. "make my old PC a DAW" this forum...
  5. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    Aug 21, 2004
    Quakertown PA
    Aluminum cases are light weight and the big bonus is they conduct heat away from your components better than any other typr of case. This is the reason hardcore gamers use them. Thermaltake makes great cases (my son has one) and most come with fan speed controllers so you could reduce noise that way. I say go with the Thermaltake, you won't be disappointed.

    You're more than welcome, that's what we're here for. Your not out of line at all, I found it very funny and I think you had David laughing too. :lol:

    I see your from Austin TX, home of the greatest blues player to ever live! Yes I'm talking about SRV. Do you think you could send me some Austin water (like Holy water) for my hands so I can play like Stevie too. :lol:

    Let us know if you need any help and good luck Wizbang
  6. Wizbang

    Wizbang Guest

    Thanks for advice, D...Thermaltake it is.
    I plan to order in the next week to 10 days...fine tuning advice appreciated!

    Thermaltake case w/420w. $151
    P4 3.0G, 800mhz FSB, Prescott,HT $185
    ASUS P4C800 E Deluxe I875P mobo $180
    Corsair XMS 512x2 matched DDR400 PC3200 $274
    Maxtor Ultra 250G SATA $192
    Maxtor 80G SATA $66
    Matrox G450 Vid card $89
    Total $1138

    Actually, I'd rather have a smaller than 80G for my software, but don't know where to find one...
    Does it matter? OK if smaller drive isn't Ultra or Barracuda or whatever? I get the impression that the speed is really needed for tracks..not software... someone please clarify....

    Will use current CDRW and monitor...upgrade later

    My budget was $1200...if anyone can spend my $1200 better PLEASE let me know!!!

    Yeah, Big D- Stevie was DA MAN! I had the priviledge to see him twice in Austin...never forget it. But I'm afraid the tap water just won't do the trick...I've been using it for years to no avail!

    Funny of the biggest reasons I am putting together this little home studio is that my 15 yr old daughter plays the guitar. She started almost 2 years ago, lessons and all, and I wanted to make sure her guitar interest wasn't just a "quick phase" teenager thing.
    I wish I had a nickel for every guitar sitting dusty in the closet or under a bed in the US because "I"M going to REALLY learn to play..I PROMISE"!!!
    So, she practices an hour everyday- electric 90% of the time.

    About 6 months ago I say "hey Baby G" (she's my youngest), come sit down here, I want to show you something"...
    I put on the SRV "Live at the Mocambo" DVD, and she LOVED it! Both of us Grinning ear to ear.... I'm telling you, "Papa Crisp" was proud!
    6 months later she rips off a pretty decent "Voodoo Chile" Jimi via Stevie!
    I'm a keyboard player myself, Yamaha S80 is my baby....bought a cheap my DAW, in the next year I'd like to spend WAY too much money converting my 20'x20' garage into a studio....I've seen some of John Sayers' plans...they make me drool!!

    But I digress....

    Thanks again for the time, guys.
  7. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    Aug 21, 2004
    Quakertown PA
    I agree but 80 GB is about the smallest you will find besides the 10K RPM Raptors from Western Digital, about $130 for 37 GB. Smokin drives if you have the extra cash but IMO not that much faster for the extra expense. The nice thing about a larger drive like the 80 GB's is that you will maintain your speed because you probably won't fill it up. As drives start to fill up performance starts to drop off. Think of it like a filing cabinet jammed with files, it takes alot longer to find what you want as opposed to a relatively empty cabinet. Just some food for thought.

    Damn, Oh well back to practicing.

    I have a 20 year old son who started playing guitar around the same age (he's way better than me) and we have shared a love of music and playing together since that time. I started playing drums at a young age and played professionaly for many years. After that I got out from behind the kit and was a bassist/front man. I've been playing guitar since my late teens (only got serious in the last few years though) which made it easy for me to pick up bass. I don't perform anymore so my studio is my musical release as well as a place for my son and a few friends to get together and play.

    It's funny but my 3 favorite blues players all hail from Texas and Oklahoma (SRV, Billy Gibbons and Steve Gaines of Lynyrd Skynyrd) and there are a couple of others in my top ten from that area (Albert Collins and KWS). Are you sure there's nothing in the water? :lol:
  8. Wizbang

    Wizbang Guest

    Pretty sure about the H20.....maybe its the hot air? Naw....that's just something I'm full of....

    Billy G...I saw ZZ for the first time in Big D (that's Dallas down here). It was new years eve in 1977 and we were partying "just a bit".
    I remember looking at the stage and thinking..."I KNEW IT"!!!!!!!!
    There is no way alll that sound is one guitar....look up there....there's 6 of them!!!!! Just incredible.

    So, I'm OK with this latest setup? Any tweaks before I order?

    I've read hundreds of posts....lots of Audio-gaff, Mr French, Big D, etc etc...and it seems that surely one of you guys could tweak it a hair....I really am ignorant about this machiine....though slowly learning - THANKS ONCE AGAIN to you gentleman!
  9. roirat

    roirat Guest

    I have to use a metal case, cause there's a five megawatt UHF/VHF radar on this island, which keeps me employed, but you should hear what it does to my TV... wouldn't want to subject my computer to any more of that than I can help, so those acrylic side windos are out too...

    I'll second that earlier question: Does XP Pro add any stability, or is it mostly just extra security/admin stuff? Is it worth the extra cash?


    SRV rocks... that one bend in texas flood, you know the one, that makes my toes curl...
  10. Big_D

    Big_D Well-Known Member

    Aug 21, 2004
    Quakertown PA
    Your more than okay, that's gonna be a smokin machine. Have fun with it.

    Yeah, I saw the Reverend many times but my first was 1974 (right after Fandango was released) and I had always wondered how he sounded like more than one guitarist when he wasn't doing overdubs. Third row seats showed me how. I would love to know what effects he used on the solo for Funky Dogs and Nasty Kings, sounds like a Uni Vibe and a Flanger but I just can't get it to sound convincing.

    Yeah and the sick part was Stevie used 12's and 13's tuned down a half step. Try bending with those wires and not only will your toes curl but your fingers will bleed as well. Actually Chris Layton said those heavy strings used to rip the caluses off of Stevies fingers and he would super glue the caluses back onto his bleeding fingers. He wouldn't change to lighter guage strings because the tone wasn't as good. Now that's dedication to your art !

    IMO, No. I use it for work but not on my home PC's. It's the exact same OS as home with added features as you said for security and admin. It's no more stable and the only person who'll benefit by you using it is Bill Gates. So unless you need those features at home I'd say save your money.
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