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Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Skettalee, Dec 21, 2004.

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    Im going crazy over here and want to kill something. I bought th Radium 49 Keyboard from M-Audio and it worked great, I was using it today at work on my mac and brought it home and all of a sudden it stopped working. It worked fine but all of a sudden its not recognizing at all. Its powering up through usb but thats it.

    I used it at work and I transport it in the back seat of my car, Im not rough with it so I know i couldn't have banged it up to crap cause i've done this for a while being very careful each time I move it around. I did go to the website and install the driver from their site but that didn't do anything. It dont work on my mac or my pc, it just doesn't connect but it does power up.

    I tried the m-audio contact # on the back of the manual but its not in service and they dont have a number on the site. I need this to work ASAP cause in a day im leaving to go to louisiana with it and the laptop and I will NEEDEDEDEDEDEDE it big time while down there.

    Please someone tell me I can get this fixed tonight!
  2. Skettalee

    Skettalee Guest

    Thanx anyway everyone. I cant wait for an answer. Im returning it and getting a new one over night shipped. No time for troubleshooting!

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