Please help a songwriter...


Hi, my first time on this board. I was hoping maybe you could either answer or direct me to a previous post.
I write songs on guitar and was wondering the best way to start using pc programs to create even a basic demo? Someone told me Cool Edit Pro would be fine for that. Any advice or do you know what i should acquire to do what i need to do to make decent sounding output... THank you very much.


I have had some "success" (very LOW budget) with Cool Edit Pro and my stock Dell mic.(no kidding!) I am also trying to learn how to do really decent home studio recording. So glad I found thisa web site.

I have streaming mp3's and mp3 downloads of my "Dell mic" songs on my site. Rough ..but when I needed to do them I had no real knowledge of home recording. It was simply the only way I knew how -and- was easily able to do (cheap!)at the time... That is changing...


You might want to look at Cakewalk Home Studio--much less expensive than Sonar, and just about as functional.